Client Feedback:

Melissa is professional and above all, takes the time to understand you and your business before making recommendations. Fun, rewarding, effective. Love the positive attitude to life and work. Thank you, Melissa! 
Owner of Learning Development Childcare Centres

I'd like to say that it is the smile that gives this away as me, but not so much from this photo! Melissa Lewis has taken my executive presence to the next level, through a structured and evidence based approach. The results are staggering, I've recently been appointed to my first Board, selected for a global program for elite business development professionals and working with amazing international clients. The shopping is just a lovely side benefit...

Ceinwen McNeil
Managing Director at First Follower
I had reached the point in my life late last year where I felt I needed to make a change, both from a personal and work perspective. Engaging Melissa Lewis from Style Confidante was the life changing experience that captured the revitalisation and confidence that had been buried for a long time. The honest and informative guidance from Melissa lead to the clearance of my wardrobe. This helped to identify the image that suited me, and the presence I was after for work purposes. The red carpet treatment at the shopping centre was one I will always remember and draw from with my future wardrobe purchases. The minor transformations and guidance made a major impact to me where I have never felt so classically elegant and proud and with a more noticeable presence at work that set a standard, I won't derive from in future. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity with Melissa and with the insight and knowledge she has empowered upon me, I am now that confident revitalised woman 😊
"I personally found that I would spend time shopping for things I "can” wear. But “can” in this particular connotation, doesn’t necessarily mean that it flatters my body; it’s more about what I allowed myself to wear based on perception. Melissa encouraged me to think outside the staple to a truly great outfit that pushes those boundaries and fabulously forces you to leave your style comfort zone. The chosen outfits had a way of making me feel unique, stylish and confident. This was further reinforced by colleagues and random people around me. If I knew that clothes could lift a person's mood perhaps there would be less need for buying unnecessary items.... I would highly recommend Melissa!"
Dr Dionne Shnider
Psychologist in Private Practice
"I cannot recommend Melissa more highly. I am an entrepreneur and a mum. Having worked in large corporates for most of my career, I started my own legal practice last year to specialise in working with retailers. I contacted Melissa because initially I wanted some assistance with styling for an important meeting. Melissa provided so much more - she worked with me to determine my personal brand and to ensure that my goals and visions for my legal practice were aligned with the image that was being conveyed through my presentation.As a time poor, busy business woman I don't often have the patience or time to shop for myself or to step back and think about my personal style. I found Melissa's service to be incredibly efficient and accurate. She not only understood what I wanted to convey to my clients, but also built me a functional wardrobe that can take me from client meeting, to networking to school pick-up. I was also impressed with Melissa's ability to provide me with clothing that was a mixture of high end and affordable boutiques.I have come away from this process feeling both personally and professionally inspired."
Rosalyn Gladwin
Principal at Gladwin Legal
"Melissa has a style working with her clients that ensures you are catered for in a way that makes you feel whole and accomplished in an environment that you may not be comfortable in. Melissa can enable you to find the best type of you that you didn't know existed. We all need a Melissa and her creativity in our lives."
Therese Jones
Information driven transformation leader.
"Melissa has that special something. More than a style confidante she is a mentor and a motivator. She came to my attention when I was looking for interesting speakers for Women Chiefs of Enterprises International (WCEI). She ended up helping me with my wardrobe, my business, my social media and my self-talk. My ‘Look Book’ means I’m organised, planned and confident for any occasion. I’m looking forward to her WCEI presentation to share some of her secrets with others."
Jenny Hoysted
Leader, workforce planner, executive coach and strategist
"Melissa has been an inspiration and a personal coach to me. I am in the accounting profession and love what i do. I am confident in my work and always strive to be the best i can be. However, one area where i lacked confidence was my wardrobe and it was clear to me that this was hindering my confidence in other areas of my life. Melissa transformed the way i think about my wardrobe and has shown me new possibilities. She listens and remembers minor details about your needs and tailored her product to fit me. The outcome was been outstanding and elegant. She has left me with endless possibilities and the courage to stand up tall. Thank you for your support and your contribution to building my self-confidence."
Helen Cheong
Assistant Client Manager at Dobbyn and Carafa
"Hi Mellissa, Thank you so much – the changes are for the better. I feel more confident and it has shown in my interactions with people around me. Thanks, Sally"
Sally Xia
"Girlfriends! Listen Up!!Have you ever thought about uplifting your wardrobe to reflect who you are? Have you ever given thanks to the Universe for placing a like-minded soul in your life's path? Well, girlfriends, I have. This week, I have been blessed to meet Melissa Lewis from Style Confidante. She is the ultimate Style Queen, personal branding/image consultant & women's empowerment specialist.So, what happens when a storyteller meets a woman of this talent and caliber? PURE MAGIC, because finally, after a 5-year journey, do I feel complete! Not only complete in my Mind, Body, and Spirit, but complete in self-acceptance of my essence, my body, and my personal style, complete with dazzling Boho choker necklaces that are my trademark. And it was Melissa who put this all together, with me to reflect who I am, unapologetically. Once she showed my pics of my reflection, I finally understood what it meant to look capable, authentic, and professional. Ready to conquer the world, not only on the inside but on the outside as well.It's the ticket to freedom my friends: SELF-ACCEPTANCE."
Nicole Salinger
Copywriter & Storyteller @ Nicole Salinger
"Last night almost 100 women joined personal brand and image specialist Melissa Lewis for a high energy networking session and a lesson in personal branding. With her confidence and immediate likeability, Melissa showed us that we must confront the barriers that prevent women and men from succeeding in their careers."
Victorian Chamber of Commerce
"Melissa is a dynamo – delivering outstanding, result-driven service. She delivers honest feedback in a non-confronting style that builds confidence. She has transformed my look into one that resonates with my brand. The amazing thing for me is that my wardrobe now comes together effortlessly and yet I feel so comfortable".
Corporate Barrister
"I had the pleasure of working with Melissa for over six months as she led the development of our corporate dress code policy for our staff.In that time, I saw Melissa not only excel at the core elements of her consulting role - like advising our team on the most appropriate attire for our brand and our business culture, delivering fun and interactive workshops to our team that enabled them to practically apply the dress code - but also manage other tasks that extended well beyond the scope of her role, like helping us choose practical uniform pieces and advising individual staff on what attire was appropriate for them.Melissa went above and beyond in providing exceptional service and commitment to us as her client. Melissa is enthusiastic and a great communicator. I look forward to working with her again."
Director, Fenix and Leonda Receptions
“Somehow between a full-time job, fitness, friends and being a mum to two energetic young girls I lost my shopping mojo. At best I could fit a rushed trip to the mall at lunchtime into my crazy diary and would come back empty handed or with something I settled with but was not truly happy with. Melissa showed me what classic corporate items to shop for, where to shop, how to put it all together with my existing wardrobe and most importantly what to throw out as it was too old and dated !! I have confidently bought a few other items since my experience with Melissa to complement the amazing wardrobe she helped me buy and have been pleasantly surprised it does not require a huge budget or investment in time. Not only do I feel better, I have also had many compliments from people who say ‘wow love the outfit’, or ‘you look great’ so I am keep riding the wave of confidence Melissa set me off on.”
General Manager
“Melissa recently presented to the Moore Stephens Diversity Committee and included a one-on-one session with each member. Melissa was a hit with the entire group. She is energetic and enthusiastic about styling people to bring out their best attributes. Most people in the group hired her for a personal styling consultation.Melissa made shopping for me a delight, she listened to what I said, remembered items in my existing wardrobe and found great pieces for me that I would never find for myself. I never want to shop alone again!”
“Melissa is not only a gifted stylist with a unique talent, she is also a warm and authentic woman with a no nonsense approach. Her keen sense of style is evident as she knows exactly what will work for you – even when you don’t – and having a new wardrobe will not only enhance how you look. More importantly, it will enhance how you feel, giving you extra confidence. In my professional life, it has had a profound impact. Thank you!”
Business Director
"Melissa brings an amazing energy and focus to the essential task of helping senior professional women present themselves in the best possible way. For those of us that are time poor, and sick of poor styling decisions made on the spur of the moment, Melissa’s calm and methodical approach helps all of us recapture our own personal style. Melissa saves me time, money and helps me make better decisions. I cannot recommend her more highly!”
Senior Investment Banker and Non-Executive Director
“Thank you Melissa, you managed to make shopping a fun experience and that’s something I never thought I would say. Your energy, knowledge and passion for what you do has helped me refresh my professional wardrobe and create a stylish casual look that works easily and effortlessly. With limited time, the fact that you did all the research and had such great selections of clothes and accessories put aside meant we could just get on with it.Your honesty and no-nonsense style meant decisions were quick and painless and the end result is that I now have a wardrobe that I love – where everything fits, looks great and can be mixed and matched to make endless varieties. I now have a wardrobe that complements and brings out the best of who I am.”
CEO and Non-Executive Director
“When I met Melissa I was in desperate need for a style upgrade. My business was growing rapidly and my clothes were no longer reflective of my business. Melissa took the time to get to know me and understand my business goals. She helped me to create a professional look with plenty of colour, style and endless combinations… well within budget. No more staring into the wardrobe wondering what to wear or dreading packing for those interstate trips away. Thank you Melissa for being so much fun to work with and for making looking good and feeling great so simple!”
“Over the last decade I have always found it really difficult to find clothes that actually fit me and don’t age me. Thanks Melissa for showing me how and where to shop. I’m amazed with the items you had me try on as I would never would have had the inclination to do so on my own.”
“Melissa presented on corporate image at the law firm I work at. She was honest and truthful about the importance of being perceived correctly by your colleagues and clients. She was extremely knowledagable and gave immediate solutions to common problems amongst our team.”
“I recently attended a seminar where Melissa was giving away all her wardrobe tips. I learned what colours and styles suited me. It has totally changed the way I now shop. It opened my eyes and inspired me to try different things that I had never considered before. I’ve since purchased clothes that I love and feel great in!!! Melissa, you simply cannot put a price on the service you provide. Thank you so much.”
“Melissa has absolutely transformed my look into what I wanted to achieve for my business. It wasn’t until I had a photo shoot for the Herald Sun did I stop and think about me! How did I want to look? I didn’t know where to start and didn’t have the time. A colleague had referred me to Melissa and I was really impressed with her approach as she asked me many questions. Her overall understanding of me and my business is what I believe really gave her the edge. Her enthusiastic energy reveals her passion for what she does, which in turn gives you confidence. I highly recommend Melissa’s service as she understands all shapes and sizes and knows how to deliver the looks you want.”
Artist and business owner
“Thank you Melissa. I can’t believe that in only a few hours and within my budget we managed to buy a full wardrobe of basics including shoes. Arriving in stores with clothes already set aside for me to try was fantastic. You made the whole experience so enjoyable and rewarding, especially not having to rely on sales assistants. I also really loved receiving the Style Guide with photos of all the outfit combinations so I didn't forget or feel overwhelmed. Most importantly, I’m not afraid to be me and really like what I see in the mirror!!”
Account Director
“I can highly recommend Melissa's services, in fact, I haven't stopped recommending her to friends and colleagues since she whipped my wardrobe into shape a week ago. In my early 30s, thrust suddenly into the C-level world, I was feeling a little out of my depth. How to look ‘polished and sophisticated’ but still ‘individual and with my own style’? Sure, I could have gone out and bought a few new suits which would have worked for about a week but Melissa showed me how to make my money go a long, long way. Now I have countless combinations and I am feeling fabulous every day. Such a great investment, I have nothing but praise for her work.”
Snr Business Development Manager
“Melissa’s skills and personal qualities combine to make her a truly gifted stylist. However what distinguishes Melissa is her absolute determination to obtain value for money for her clients. She spent my money like it was her own and genuinely delighted in sourcing high quality garments at low prices. It is not that difficult to find fashionable pieces at high prices. But not spending a lot of money requires an intricate set of skills that Melissa possesses.”
“Melissa exudes an engaging level of warmth, passion, dynamism and an uncompromising philosophy that does not allow her to settle for a garment or accessory when she thinks she can find something even better. She is tireless in her pursuit of excellence and she goes above and beyond the call of duty. She also made every stage of my experience with her – from the initial review of my wardrobe to taking the last photograph – seem entirely effortless.”
“It is great to have a trusted style professional on my side. Melissa has made shopping for clothes a pleasure again. My wardrobe is now revitalised as Melissa has encouraged me to combine my new and existing pieces in a myriad of ways to express my unique style.”