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With Confidence, Style, and Presence


“To position yourself for success, relying solely on impressive credentials is not enough. Having the confidence to communicate who you are with style and presence is what will open doors and position you as a female industry leader!” – Melissa Lewis

Leadership development specifically designed to empower professional women.

This inspiring program will develop your ability to:

  • Build your brand and confidence through self-awareness and empowerment.
  • Self-promote with appropriate assertiveness.
  • Build confidence through influencing, values alignment, and bringing others with you.

Be prepared to challenge your thinking, push yourself into the stretch zone and learn to embrace a better you.

In this highly interactive program, women participate in high impact experiential learning activities, psychometric profiling, and also practice promoting themselves. Participants receive constructive feedback in a supportive environment, optimising growth opportunities. Executive coaching sessions and 1:1 brand and image consultations are also available. Participants will benefit from an increased self-awareness and level of confidence, empowering them to lead with presence and influence. Exposing the unconscious blockers to success and replacing them with conscious choices, enables a future focused, positive and collaborative approach to working with others.

Rather than waiting for superiors to notice them or to be invited to contribute their knowledge and opinions, our women leaders will feel empowered to step up and speak out. Developed and delivered by two successful business women, who combined, have in excess of 30 years’ experience empowering women leaders to be confident and visible by leveraging their greatest strengths for further individual and organisational impact.

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→ Building your brand through self-awareness and empowerment.


→ Assertiveness with presence and style.


→ Values alignment and influence. Bringing others with you.


When: Dates to be advised

Venue: Venue to be confirmed

Price: $2,990.00 per person (Bring a friend: $2,750.00 per person. Minimum of two attendees. Price per person)


Bespoke workshops for corporates PLUS exclusive 3-day women’s leadership programs.

The Women Who Lead program is delivered on two consecutive days, followed by a final full day two weeks later. This deliberate break between modules two and three provides the space to apply the learnings from the program and gain practice in developing skills.


“Brilliant three days with an incredibly talented group of women! Thanks, Mel & Kat!”Ellen Horvat, Senior Product manager, Swinburne University

“What an amazing 3 days with fabulous women.” Jen Ramage, Director Arrow Recruitment

“The Women Who Lead program has allowed me to further develop my confidence and communications skills. I am now having greater impact and influence with all 
stakeholders. The three-day program and follow up sessions has introduced me to a fantastic group of professional women and a new support network.”Sally Xio, Accountant, PDG Property Group

“Ambition Australia were proud to support the first ‘Women Who Lead’ program, a program designed by Melissa Lewis and Katalin Howell, two of our highly credible Ambition Elite Partners. The unique combination of Katalin’s Psychology background and wealth of leadership development experience, together with Melissa’s coaching, personal brand and image consulting expertise was sure to be a perfect combination for an insightful and rewarding empowerment and development program. I will be highly recommending “Women who Lead” to other organisations and members of my personal and professional network.”Diana Hewitson, Head of Diversity & Inclusion Services Ambition Group

“The women who lead course has been a fantastic life changing opportunity to develop my leadership skills. It has been the best investment I have made in years, and feel I have received an immediate return. Thanks to this course I have become a confident positive leader, discovered my authentic style, and realised my value. I have also developed practical skills to step up and rise to challenges. After attending Women Who Lead, I have become a more valuable employee for my organisation and my confidence and presence has noticeably increased.

The course was really different to other courses I have attended. The content and teaching methods felt tailored to suit my needs.
Kat and Melissa have put together a really insightful development course. It was incredibly well researched, relevant, and helped create solutions for real life issues that face professional women in the workplace. The atmosphere of learning created by Kat and Melissa was supportive, challenging, incredibly motivating, and the room pulsed with creative energy.

Over the three days of Women who lead, my fellow course participants developed into a supportive network of strong, capable professional women who inspired me to create a better me, helped me to think deeper than ever before, gave me honest feedback and celebrated my strengths and my wins. Women who lead alumni will be a powerful support network to continue to challenge me to develop to be the best leader I can and will be my secret weapon to give me the edge over the competition. I highly recommend the Women Who Lead course to women who want to tap into their leadership potential. A truly amazing and life changing course
!” – Claire Wilson, project manager, NEC

Your facilitator


Katalin Howell has more than 20 Years’ experience in designing and delivering leadership programs with leading organisations such as Melbourne Business School and Leadership Victoria. Katalin is not only a proven academic but is also passionate about helping others. She is a mother of four and has more than 25 years in voluntary roles ranging from crisis counselling to board president roles.

Katalin is the Founder and Director of Flow leadership, a company underpinned by proprietary research into leadership development. Katalin’s psychology background, her extensive research and experience have led to the development of the Flow Leadership Model – programs designed for emerging, established and executive leaders develop the ultimate state of effectiveness, influence and success in leadership. www.flowleadership.com.au



Melissa Lewis is a leading Personal Brand, Image and Empowerment specialist. Through her business, Style Confidante, Melissa provides empowering 1:1 consultations and workshops, to hundreds of driven female entrepreneurs, executives, and many of Australia’s largest corporations.

Her inspirational services help women in business elevate their personal brand, image, presence and confidence to be visible in a competitive corporate environment.

With years of hands-on experience, qualifications in business, property and professional image styling, as well as a mother of two, Melissa has a gifted instinct of how to draw out a woman’s greatest potential. Her transformational results are currently being hailed as unique and progressive in the business community, as she passionately believes in paving the way for women to be Visible, confident leaders, for all the world to see. www.styleconfidante.com.au

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Melissa Lewis

Personal Branding * Adviser to Women in Leadership * Founder of Style Confidante

My greatest pleasure is assisting high performing, driven women working in male-dominated industries to bridge the gap between what they know and how they are perceived.

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