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March 25, 2017, In: Confidence, Women

Personal branding and photography package for visibility, image & impact.

Step up and play big with a personal brand that gets you seen – the right way!

Style Confidante is very excited to announce our collaboration with Rebecca Taylor Photography, to help you maximise your personal brand, visibility and impact.   

Never has it been more important to take control of your Brand Identity. You have the power to curate the right first impression and be seen in a way that is credible, authentic and real.

In a competitive marketplace, your BRAND IDENTITY allows you to cut through the noise and show your brilliance with ease. It’s time to leverage your personal brand and position yourself for maximum impact – it’s time to ignite your BRAND IDENTITY.

Melissa and Rebecca are personal branding and image experts and have created this exclusive BRAND IDENTITY package to allow you to shine both online and offline.

Stop hiding and playing it safe, it’s time to get visible and start playing a bigger game!

The BRAND IDENTITY package will allow you to define your style, presence and purpose and have this captured in a personalised branding photography session.

Get ready to get noticed, heard and paid for what you love doing.


Learn from these two Personal Brand and Image Experts

Melissa Lewis is the founder of  Style Confidante which specialises in empowering women in business to have greater confidence, presence and influence. Melissa helps women commercialise their talents and build a personal brand and image so that their presence reflects their greatest strengths and assets.


Rebecca Taylor, founder of Rebecca Taylor Photography, empowers entrepreneurs and business leaders to own their purpose, embrace their authentic selves and get their message out into the spotlight. Rebecca specialises in capturing a person’s true essence in photographs and will bring your personal brand to life in photos.

How do you know if this package is right for you?

  • You’re ready to take ownership of your brand and identity.
  • You’re ready to be visible and make an impact.
  • You’re fed up with seeing worn out and uninspiring photos of you that don’t reflect your capabilities.
  • You are ready to exude confidence and style in your everyday life and have this reflected in your brand.
  • If you’re ready to showcase your brilliance and make the most of your first impression you need to book into our exclusive BRAND IDENTITY

Session 1 with Melissa Lewis

Personal brand and Image specialist include:

In Your VIP 2 Hour session you will: 

  • Identify your market and message
  • Utilise a profile tool to see how visible you currently are
  • Develop a strategic plan to increase your visibility and positioning in your area of expertise
  • Develop your personal brand profile and articulate your areas of uniqueness
  • Prepare for your photo shoot and develop your professional image
  • Be styled by Melissa who will create outfits to complement your personal style in line with your professional image
  • Learn how to be recognised as an industry leader

Session 2 with Rebecca Taylor

Your personal branding photo session will include:

  • A personalised photo session in a funky warehouse studio
  • Camera confidence and posing coaching
  • Up to 5 looks/outfits changes
  • Multiple backgrounds (grey/white and textured)
  • Indoor (studio) and outdoor (urban) settings
  • Creation of private online gallery for image selection
  • High-end digital retouching on chosen images
  • PLUS two digital HOLLY-WOW branding photos

Fabulous packages are available for additional branding photos and your onsite professional hair & makeup service can also be arranged.

With the combination of both Rebecca and Melissa’s skills you will be able to make sure your presence both off and online match your brilliance.


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Melissa Lewis

Founder / Personal Brand and Image Specialist

One of my greatest pleasures is assisting intelligent, driven and hardworking businesswomen to have greater confidence, presence and influence in their careers.

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