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Did you know that 93% of communication is non-verbal? 1 Your presence and appearance can influence how people perceive your personality, competencies and capabilities. For professional women in competitive male-dominated industries, it’s never been more important to elevate your presence, stand out and really make an impact.

Empowering hardworking women to match their presence with their credibility is at the heart of what we do at Style Confidante.  It all starts with feeling truly confident with who you are and knowing how to commercialise your value.

Personal branding is your key to unlocking greater confidence, presence and influence:

  • Become visible and memorable
  • Differentiate yourself
  • Send a clear message about who you are
  • Position yourself as an influencer
  • Have consistency across all social platforms
  • Styling for personal branding photography

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In our personal branding workshops and 1:1 sessions, we learn about your goals and provide you with the tools and techniques to maximise your strengths, elevate your visibility, commercialise your talents and differentiate yourself for even greater success.

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Dr Victoria Lambropoulos

“Melissa Lewis came to my attention because of her inspiring messages on LinkedIn. She seemed to have that something extra which I was looking for. I took the plunge and engaged her services and I was right! Like many women I had never used a stylist. I knew that I could do better with my shopping choices. My whole life I just was not that confident about choosing clothing. I was good at studies and career choices but this area has been daunting. I also was spending too much money on clothes that just weren’t right for me and I couldn’t wear to many events. Overall, it was a bad investment strategy. After meeting Melissa I am well on the track of changing these bad spending habits. She is an expert at working out what is good for you so YOU can shine and not your clothes. I believe this matters most to professional women. Appearances matter in all facets of life let’s not kid ourselves, whether it is going for that new job, networking to build up a business or even spending time with those you love. Melissa is helping me be savvy about my choices so my appearance adds to my skills and does not detract from them. She is also direct and will tell you what you need to hear. You have to respect a woman like this. Melissa thank you and I hope you will be a permanent part of my life for years to come.”

Rosalyn  Gladwin – Principal at Gladwin Legal

“I cannot recommend Melissa more highly. I contacted Melissa because initially I wanted come assistance with styling for an important meeting, Melissa provided so much more – she worked with me to determine my personal brand and to ensure that my goals and visions for my legal practice were aligned with the image that was being conveyed through my presentation ….. I found Melissa’s service to be incredibly efficient and accurate ….I have come away from this process feeling both personally and professionally inspired. Thank you so much”.

Lee – Corporate Counsellor

“Somehow between a full-time job, fitness, friends and being a mum to two energetic young girls I lost my shopping mojo. At best I could fit a rushed trip to the mall at lunchtime into my crazy diary and would come back empty handed or with something I settled with but was not truly happy with. Melissa showed me what classic corporate items to shop for, where to shop, how to put it all together with my existing wardrobe and most importantly what to throw out as it was too old and dated !! I have confidently bought a few other items since my experience with Melissa to complement the amazing wardrobe she helped me buy and have been pleasantly surprised it does not require a huge budget or investment in time. Not only do I feel better, I have also had many compliments from people who say ‘wow love the outfit’, or ‘you look great’ so I am keep riding the wave of confidence Melissa set me off on.”

Jenny Hoystead – Executive coach Workforce Planner                                                                                               President of Women Chief  Of Enterprises International

“Melissa has that special something. More than a style confidante she is a mentor and a motivator. She came to my attention when I was looking for interesting speakers for Women Chiefs of Enterprises International (WCEI). She ended up helping me with my wardrobe, my business, my social media and my self-talk. My ‘Look Book’ means I’m organised, planned and confident for any occasion.”



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Melissa Lewis

Founder / Personal Brand and Image Specialist

One of my greatest pleasures is assisting intelligent, driven and hardworking businesswomen to have greater confidence, presence and influence in their careers.

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