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June 2, 2017, In: Executive Presence

Elevating your Executive Presence

Programs, Workshops & the ExPI™ science-based tool

 Style Confidante is thrilled to have brought the 1st global science-based model to measure Executive Presence to Australia in 2017.

Until now, Executive Presence has been that mysterious X-Factor in leadership that was hard to measure. At Style Confidante, CEOs regularly report to us that the women on their team are letting themselves down due to their lack of presence undermining their skills and substance.

If you’ve got a nagging feeling that your presence is letting you down in your career, elevating your Executive Presence is the way forward.

Through research undertaken in partnership with Bates Communication in Boston, Style Confidante’s approach to Executive Presence will help you identify your gaps in your leadership and personal brand.

This is the first leadership metric of its kind worldwide.

Now we have a tool that validates and measures your Executive Presence and your unique self. We have partnered with Bates Communication in Boston and professors from the Wharton School of Leadership to introduce to Australia the first and only research-based, scientifically validated assessment tool to measure Executive Presence.

What is Executive Presence?

Executive Presence is a measure of your unique combination of character, substance and style. It’s the factor that determines your impact, influence and professional success.

This is not a cookie cutter approach…

Our Executive Presence programs are tailored to individual and organisational needs and based on the business context and organisational goals. This will further enable women to understand their blind spots and perceived strengths and to have greater influence and impact in their careers.

We provide tailored corporate workshops and coaching sessions to complement the ExPI™ assessment tool and the aggregate data.

Participants receive comprehensive feedback, in measurable data that reflects on their Executive Presence. This feedback is something that has previously been difficult or impossible for managers and peers to articulate.

Through thoughtful reflection, guided discussion, and constructive dialogue, participants gain clarity about how they are perceived, their strengths, over strengths and areas that may be holding them back.

We then help you build tangible action plans supported by ongoing coaching and workshops to enable them to engage, inspire, align and move people to act.

For more enquiries for 1:1 or team workshops and coaching please enquire: info@styleconfidante.com.au

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Melissa Lewis

Founder / Personal Brand and Image Specialist

One of my greatest pleasures is assisting intelligent, driven and hardworking businesswomen to have greater confidence, presence and influence in their careers.

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