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March 27, 2017, In: Executive Presence, Mums, Women


Does your presence match your capabilities?

Learn first-hand how to connect your physical presence to your capabilities. You will learn how to enhance your unique style and personal brand to complement and elevate your leadership effectiveness. Feeling internally confident and externally congruent and aligned to your brand every day will allow others to recognise your value.

We live in a visual society, where first impressions are formed in an instant.

Ensuring your appearance is consistently matching and complementing your brand substance will allow you to cut through the noise with confidence, substance and elegance.

The right outfit can put a spring in your step and make you feel empowered and confident. Imagine how an entire wardrobe full of great outfits will make you feel! Melissa Lewis will help you refine your brand and personal style to better suit your lifestyle, career goals, body shape, personality and budget.

Rather than staring at a bulging wardrobe each morning and wondering why you have nothing to wear, you will be empowered to look fabulous, feel fantastic and seize business opportunities. You will also have a new secret … your own Style Confidante!


Your image not only impacts on how others perceive you (or whether they even notice you at all) but also how you feel about yourself.

Whether it’s in a personal 1:1 session with Melissa or in a Corporate Workshop for Executive Styling, we use clothing and styling as a tool to ensure that your professional presence is congruent with your credibility. We always take an empowering approach, accentuating on your unique strengths and ensuring that your personal brand reflects your true brilliance.

Research suggests that dressing in a way that makes you feel empowered will actually help you become more powerful!

When a client puts on an outfit that makes them feel amazing, that’s when the magic happens – we see their elevated confidence and presence as a true reflection of the person they have worked so hard to become.

What will happen in a 1:1 Coaching Session?

We use 1:1 sessions to help professional women overcome a range of challenges like wasted time and money, or having a wardrobe full of clothes and “nothing to wear”.

We can transform your confidence according to your stage in life. We’ve helped women seeking promotions receive promotions, returning to work post-baby, planning for important conferences, presentations, evening events, and much more.

Let us help you to:

  • Make a great first impression
  • Connect your physical presence to your capabilities
  • Enhance your unique style and personal brand to complement and elevate your leadership effectiveness.
  • Feel internally confident and externally congruent
  • Recognise your assets and learn how to camouflage other areas
  • Understand what styles, colours and outfits complement you
  • Identify shops and brands that are in line with yours

You will also have the option to be professionally fitted for your correct undergarment and bra size — all in the comfort of your own home.

Stage 1.  Personal brand and style profile

Stage 2.  Wardrobe review, suggestions for presenting/ traveling/ corporate/business casual attire

Stage 3.  VIP Personal shopping

Stage 4.  Lookbook of all your outfit combinations

Stage 5.  Ongoing mentoring

To discuss our Corporate & Executive Styling services or to book your first 1:1 session, contact us today.

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Melissa Lewis

Personal Branding * Adviser to Women in Leadership * Founder of Style Confidante

My greatest pleasure is assisting high performing, driven women working in male-dominated industries to bridge the gap between what they know and how they are perceived.

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  • End of last year I worked with the team at Domain and Co to elevate their presence. The team was moving away from traditional suiting attire to a smart business look. I engaged the team through workshops, collaborating on an updated dress code policy and a 21-day challenge. It was fantastic to see each team member take accountability for their presence to not only reflect themselves but also reflect the organisational brand in a consistent, professional and individual way. If you want to ensure your team is consistently representing your organisation as brand ambassadors in 2018 then please email me at melissa@styleconfidante.com.au
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  • Loved starting the year with an amazing wardrobe declutter and rebrand for my client. She was no longer prepared to waste her valuable time and money on items that weren
  • Style can’t be bought or copied. You won’t find style by relying on designer labels or the latest trends. Style is who you are. It’s a reflection of you. The most expensive handbag won’t hide your insecurities, a new suit won’t make you any more of a loyal colleague. How you carry yourself, how you come across to others, this is your style letting people know who you are and what you stand for. To find out more about how you can define, polish and position your style to have greater presence please call me on ‪0405 440 366‬ or email me at ‪melissa@styleconfidante.com.au‬
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  • #linkinbio Following in PwCs footsteps, ANZ has ditched its dress code. “ANZ said there were no rules but staff are encouraged to consider what they are doing that day and dress appropriately.” What are your thoughts? Do you find work dress codes limit your ability to bring your personality and style to work? Or do think guidelines help ensure consistency and professionalism? I love a good guideline when it comes to personal style and executive presence being on brand to represent the company in the best way possible. If you’re looking for any guidance when it comes to ensuring you’re presenting yourself in the best way possible and that your outfits can take you from casual to client meeting effortlessly, please get in touch. ‪Melissa@styleconfidante.com.au‬ or speak directly ‪0405 440 366‬
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