6 Tips for Presenting with Style and Presence

November 30, 2017, In: Confidence, Leaders

Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” ~ Coco Chanel

Do you have the perfect outfit to present in? Whether you are pitching to clients, conducting trainings, presenting awards or keynote speaking you need to be informative, entertaining and make a powerful impact.  A lot of effort goes into delivering a presentation and it’s your chance to really shine, so please don’t let what you’re wearing detract from what you’re saying!

Here are my 6 tips to ensure that your style sets the tone of your presentation from the moment you walk in the room.

1.  Know your audience 

What kind of industry or community will you be addressing? Corporate? Are they both men and women? Creative? Rural? Legal? Fashion? Construction? Your outfit always needs to be appropriate and relevant to the environment you are presenting in. If it’s a new audience for you, do some research to find out the appropriate dress code.

2.  Clarify your desired outcome

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so be really clear about your desired outcome and how you want to be perceived. Is your intention to attract new clients, raise funds, raise awareness or perhaps secure a new job? Once you know what you want, make sure your professional presence communicates to others that you are worth their investment.

3.  Try on your outfit

Organise your outfit in advance and try it on, especially if you haven’t worn it before. Take a selfie so you can see what others are seeing, front and back! When in doubt, don’t wear it. Set your clothing out the night before so you can feel totally at ease and confident on the day of your presentation.

4.  Think tailored, simple, elegant

Opt for a timeless, classic look and make sure that your clothing fits you perfectly.  You can never go wrong with classic.  Try to avoid bold patterns and anything else that may be uneasy on the eye, like too many accessories or too much make-up.  Focus on the fact that you don’t want what you wear to detract from what you are saying.

5.  Know your colours

Adding a splash of colour to your presenter’s outfit is a great way to stand out.  Just make sure you are choosing colours that complement your natural features and make you look fresh and alive. If a particular colour makes you look dull and tired, don’t wear it.  Take a selfie if you are unsure and you will easily be able to see what colours do and don’t compliment you.

6.  Keep it classy

To be taken seriously and be remembered for all the right reasons, you have to dress like a lady who means business. Avoid skirts that are too short, clothing that is too tight, see-through clothing or garments that show your cleavage. Any of these wardrobe faux-pas will distract your audience and send the wrong message.

Like it or not, during your presentation, people will be judging your appearance and assessing your likeability, rapport, capabilities and trustworthiness. Take control of how others perceive you by planning ahead, choosing your outfit wisely, and allowing your professional presence to speak volumes before you have even uttered a word. 

If you would like some assistance putting together your presenter’s wardrobe, please call 0405 440 366 for a no obligation chat.

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Melissa Lewis

Personal Branding * Adviser to Women in Leadership * Founder of Style Confidante

My greatest pleasure is assisting high performing, driven women working in male-dominated industries to bridge the gap between what they know and how they are perceived.

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